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    Default SGT.Simpson Wants To Appeal A Server Ban

    I Want To Appeal My Server Ban
    What server did you get banned from?
    =STAR= Conquest / Rush Server
    What was your player name?
    What was the name of the Admin who banned you?
    Name was not listed with the kick and reason
    What was the date this took place?
    What was the time this took place?
    Late at night, maybe after midnight Pacific time
    Please tell us what happened in as much detail as possible?
    I was playing as an Engineer and piloting an attack helicopter. For my Alt weapon in the heli I was using the warhead upgrade. I had an okay K/D, maybe 2 to 1. I was kicked and told the reason was for using an aimbot. I do not and have not ever used an aimbot. This is my second BC2 username that I have, my first username, SGT Simpson, reached level 50 a long time ago, so I recently started playing with another name. All in all I probably have around 180+ hours in the helicopters. I am just really good in the air. If you look at my stats this fact will be proven. Last night was the first night in your server, I was really having a great time, and would like to be able to play on your server again. Thank you for your time.

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    Default Re: SGT.Simpson Wants To Appeal A Server Ban

    Hey Simpson, thanks for the polite response. Your talents in the air are certainly noticeable. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt though. It would be appreciated if you could post in our general discussion how you fly. Your controls setup and how you manage to take tanks out in one pass. I'm only asking because I'd like to be able to do it too.

    Welcome back

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    Default Re: SGT.Simpson Wants To Appeal A Server Ban


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