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Thread: Xara3D

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    Default Xara3D

    Xara3D is so simple to use, literally anyone can produce high quality 3D graphics in minutes.

    Both professional web designers and home users choose Xara3D to make still and animated 3D text and graphics, such as logos, titles, headings and buttons.

    3D graphics and animations are the perfect way to add impact to your site - and we guarantee there�s no easier way to create them than Xara3D!

    With Xara3D's clean design, intuitive tools, interactive editing (just drag on the image to change the position, the extrude or bevel) and ready made styles, you will create your first 3D graphics in minutes.

    Ideal for onscreen 3D graphics or animations (AVIs or animated GIFs), wherever you need to catch your visitor�s attention - headings and titles, logos and buttons, sales and offer notices. Perfect for web pages, mailshots, newsletters, e-cards and presentations. And any animation can even be saved as a screensaver.

    Xara has pioneered technology to create the highest quality onscreen results, with compact file sizes - ideal for web pages and presentations.

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    Default Re: Xara3D

    I like Xara, they have some good software!

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