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Thread: AMD RAMDisk

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    Icon14 AMD RAMDisk

    I have installed this and found it to help out on speeds especially on my browsers. I have installed some not important things on my Ramdisk drive and was impressed with the speed up of the programs. But be warned if you install something to it and stop it all that you installed will be gone. I will post the instructions and web links to videos for all interested.

    RAMDisk download:http://www.radeonmemory.com/software_4.0.php

    Instructions for browser cache moving:http://www.radeonmemory.com/files/Qu...erCache_V1.pdf

    Link to Videos and one for SSD drives that shows how to double your SSD speeds:http://www.radeonmemory.com/support_tutorials.php

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    Default Re: AMD RAMDisk

    I’ve used a RAMDISK program before, but didn’t see too much of a change except in benchmarks.

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