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    Re: Funny Patton Quotes

    Hey not a problem at all, thats what a forum is for, community interaction! :) cool quote by the way!
  2. Sorry Sallad Lovers... Neverland Ranch Sauce Discontinued :-(

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    Me Jamming out with my Drummer

    Yesterday I decided to record me and my drummer jamming on a Guns N Roses song "Don't Damn Me" and AC/DC "You Shook Me All Night Long". I used a cheapo Wal Mart mic on my lap top to record so...
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    Funny Patton Quotes

    Since Patton is such a great inspirational figure especially in light of us playing this game (2142) with Military tactics involved I thought it would be a great idea to post some great quotes from...
  5. Re: =STAR= Commander booleyLOD's WAR WITH THE ITBG CLAN....READ ON

    I personally think the rest of your clan are a bunch of squirels (you seem nice though). Booley is the most fair player I've ever seen the guy is a hard core gamer and is way to Mature to use such...
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    Awesome Clip of my new Amp!

    Finally I made a clip of my new guitar amp going balls out. I recorded this a few weeks ago.

    Enjoy! :Banane36:


    Ya thats me playing Guitar on these...
  7. Re: For You Guitar freaks... I just bought a Sweet Ass Amp!

    Here's my current rig...


    Here's my new Les Paul with Seymore Duncan Alnico 2 Pro pick ups
  8. Re: For You Guitar freaks... I just bought a Sweet Ass Amp!

    I tried a couple Crates at the music store but obviously music store volume doesn't do any amp justice!, you only get that good tone when you crank the damn thing up and get the tubes workin'.

  9. For You Guitar freaks... I just bought a Sweet Ass Amp!

    I got coming in the mail a awesome fucking amp! a brand spanking new Marshall Vintage Modern 2466 100 Watt Guitar amp!. All tube power 4 Kt66 Power tubes and 4 12AX7 pre amp tubes.

    Will post pics...
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