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  • Steps To Become A =STAR= Member & Our Policy's

    Hello everyone, if you want to join our clan you must read and understand our clan policy's stated below. Our policy will instruct you on all the appropriate steps to become an official member of our clan, look under Member Approval & Process below.

    We are a clan that believes in teamwork and having fun. However we are not tolerant to immature players and cheaters. We are looking to recruit many new players so please take the time to get to know us. Feel free to join our TeamSpeak anytime and play a few rounds with us. We are a group of friends that play together and have fun together since since 2008. We have no meeting's, training sessions, min rank, skill levels and required play time to join us. Were a laid back group of friends playing as a team, and as you know if you work together as a team and communicate as a team you will go a long way in gaming! We do not require you to be a member to hang out with us, just jump on our TeamSpeak and play as often as you like. We have members from 18 to 70+. We have 5 to 10 players that play every night and 50 that come and go, some of our members only play a couple of times a week, some just play just on weekends so its no big deal here, come and go as you please. I would like anyone thinking about joining us fill out a clan application on the website here and come to our TeamSpeak and hangout with us to see if were what you are looking for.
    All the best,

    The =STAR= Clan

    Global Policy's
    Covers all our clan’s assets, website, game servers and TeamSpeak , etc.
    • You must be 18/+ years of age, we do make special exceptions for members that are under 18 years of age if they act mature.
    • You must conduct yourself in a respectful manner to everyone in our clan.
    • You must have a microphone and have the TeamSpeak 3 client installed.
    • Be respectful to other members/players. Smart ass comments are acceptable but know when to draw the line.
    • Don't abuse admin privileges if you have them.
    • You must wait for your application to be approved before putting on our tags.
    • You must be active on our website at least once a month or you will be auto moved by our website to inactive status. If you return you will be moved back into your original usergroup.
    • You must be in TeamSpeak when you are gaming (when possible).
    • Have fun! If you have just broken your mouse then take a break and come back later.
    • You must be a =STAR= clan member for at least 1 year before you can hold any admin position on any of our assets (website, game servers, teamspeak, etc.) Then you must fill out an application and be voted in to position by the board of executives.
    • =STAR= members must wear their tags at all times where games allow it. (Example, Battlefield)
    • Official members tags are, =STAR= (In games where they don't fit use STAR)

    Member Approval & Process
    • You must fill out a =STAR= Clan application Here and then you can put on our temporary tags =sTAR= right away (In games that it won't fit just use sTAR).
    • You will be evaluated for 30 days unless otherwise told so.
    • Once your evaluation time is put in, let one of our board of executives know, they will review your application and how you blend with our clan, then they will call an executive meeting and vote to see if you will be approved or not.
    • Once your application has been decided on clan one of our board of executives will let you know by a post in our forums.
    • If your application is approved you then can wear our official members tag are, =STAR= (In games where they don't fit use STAR)

    Game Server Policy
    • Everything is allowed but hacks! (Play the game how the game was intended to be played)

    TeamSpeak Policy's
    • No excessive poking
    • No excessive main chat chatting, use a different room to chat.
    • You must have you're =STAR= Tag on with your current in-game name, unless everyone knows who your other names are.

    Website Policy's
    • You must use your main gaming name for your website name, if you need to change it please ask a board of executives member to change it.
    • No posting or uploading virus, etc.
    • No uploading porn or any illegal junk where the public can see.
    • Please post in the right forums for your topic.

    Banning Policy
    • In the unfortunate event that you would be banned from one of our assets, you should know that you cannot be kicked out of our clan until all of our executives vote on it. So don't panic even if it would ever come down to one of our board of executive members banning you from something. You must then make a post in our member’s only section of the website about what happened. If you find yourself banned from our website, then you have to create a new website account and make a post in our public forum telling us who you are and what happened. We will then get back to your right away and let you know what is going. This policy was created so no one with the power can just ban anyone they feel like without a fair vote.

    We have a board of executives and we will make all decisions as one for our entire clan. Our goal is to provide a fun and friendly environment for our members and friends. By doing this we can have confident happy members that will maximize teamwork and game play.
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